HELP! I need work experience / have Degree


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I am new to this forum and wish I had knew about it when I was in UU.

I need work experience in a Graphic Design Studio, what adivce could you give me or what I should do to improve my chances of success, as I am currently stuggling.
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Belfast, Northern Ireland

Just need experience working within a Studio

Thank you for Replying
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Best thing to do is contact your local graphic design companies and offer to work for them part time for free to get experience.
My Advice is change ur portfolio.Include more examples,divide it into several sections-like clients,projects,typography, cloth design etc.Then u will get more attention.also visit websites for graduates ,type in google graphic design agencies in NI and send a copy of ur CV to all of them .

All the best with ur search.


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Thanks very much for the adivce I felt like I was hitting a wall and going no where. I will revisit my porfoilo layout with your suggestions and look at sending my CV to different Graphic Design Studios, Thanks for the Link :icon_biggrin:
Help is at hand!


I saw your posting and understand your situation, as I deal with it on a daily basis! It is cruel that you have spent so long studying, only to discover that what employers' really seem to want is experience. Anyhow, I just wanted to let you know about Creative Protege, it's a company that dedicates its time to help inexperienced grads secure work experience. Check us out at Creative Protege Ltd, I'm sure we can do something.

Thank you for your adivce and it has reasured me, also from the website link you have given me looks very useful especially the live briefs from different aqencies, Thank You Very Much :icon_biggrin:
Happy to help

That's what we are here for, so that people like you can find the work experience you need. Good luck and spread the word! :icon_thumbup:


I'd concur that yes all you need to do is get in contact with loads of firms you are interested in working with.

With me the applications/requests for placement that attract me the most include;

- A bit of personal info and are friendly in approach.

- That attach a CV.

- That attach a portfolio...the higher quality, the more interested I am and I like to see quite a few samples. I also look for portfolios that demonstrate at least a bit of commercial awareness for business print layouts.

If you can't get paid experience, personally I'd take unpaid for the duration of the time that you are looking for paid work if you can afford to do that.

It sounds obvious - but accurate spelling is also vital. An indication of the candidates attention to detail.

You would be astonished at some of the submissions I receive. Now don't start looking at my spelling / previous posting spelling!

Also - be wary of spell check. A candidate told me how fascinated they were (in detail) in astronomy. The spell check had corrected the word as gastronomy (after five minutes, the error was discovered).