HELP: I need a solution for working at home


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This is my first question on this forum . . .

At work I have a 27" Ultrasharp hooked up to a pretty powerful Dell workstation and this works great with apps such as Indesign & Photoshop. At home I have a Dell Latitude E6540 i7 16Gb 512Gb SSD both machines are running Windows 7.

The problem I have is that the laptop display isn't great - a max resolution of 1920 x 1080 and even with an external monitor attached this isn't great when laying out large format posters, catalogues and other lengthy publications.

A colleague suggested that I consider going down the route of a Mac Mini but I am hesitant to do this as I haven't worked on Macs for years and as my company offer no support for Apple products I would be pretty much on my own ironing out problems.

I was looking to upgrade to a Dell XPS 15 which boasts 3200 x 1800 resolution however have discovered yesterday that there are issues with ultra-high resolution laptops. Apparently, the native resolution of the (3200 x 1800) screen is so high that it is IMPOSSIBLE to see the UI of most Adobe applications making the machine unusable.

Only real solution would be to duplicate what I have at the office but I am limited for space at home so whatever I chose would have to be a portable option.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
Keep an eye on the resolution issue. Adobe issuing a fix soon.

Thanks, but moderators on Adobe's own forums have been promising a fix since October and I'm struggling to find any concrete ETA's of when a fix will be released. Great news if it does happen quickly though. Do you have any links?
Take it from me - moderators on Adobe's forums are not fully clued in.

It's a very technical issue and if a solution was readily available it would be done by now :)

It's a very real issue that I know for a fact Adobe are looking at.