Help: Does anyone know an app that would work?


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Hello everyone,

I've been desperately searching all day for an iPad app that allows me to do the following:

Chisel tip
100% coverage
and SVG export

After 5 hours of pointless trying, I am now hoping for your help.

Can anyone give me a tip?

Best regards,Torsten
I know Adobe Illustrator Draw, a vector drawing app that offers a variety of brush options, including chisel tips. It also supports 100% coverage and SVG export.
It will only work as long as Reddit leaves the API alone. The 3rd party apps that shut down are all no longer being updated. If Reddit makes any changes to how the API works, all of the 3rd party apps will start breaking. Same goes for Imgur API, and other image/video hosts that devs have implemented code to handle. This isn't a forever solution.