Help! alternative text in adobe acrobat


Hi all

I am stuck! how do you add a tag to an image in adobe acrobat? to make it more accessible
I have hyper linked all the web addresses in indesign but only have cs4 so aparently from what I can see I can't add alternative text to an indesign doc in cs4 (only cs5.5)

So I'm know trying to do this in Acrobat and I don't have a clue :):icon_confused:
Thanks I think it is but as per usual its never just that simple and appears to be a massive pain in the arse!
I have over a hundred pages and when I try to auto box everything it picks up on the graphics in the back ground and not the images grrr! and when I do it manually it still does this on a lesser scale but also auto orders all the reading boxes in an order that makes no sense like paragraph one the paragraph six maybe a title in the middle grr!
Has anyone out there very made a PFD accessable for the blind? Help!