Hello! Can I make money doing this?


Not sure how much you would or wouldn't already know about the field, but if you could learn to take your sketches and render them up digitally you could have an awesome portfolio there with a whole host of options to take on for earning potential.


Processing your sketches into this sort of final product, for example. Would take a lot of practice I'm sure, but if you're willing then it would certainly be a talent to have and you seem to have the right foundations in place.


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Look at the work of Duster132, you'll find yourself learning more by doing this than looking anywhere else. The style you have is not commercially relevant in terms of obtaining paid jobs from corporate businesses and it won't be useful for public facing projects (e.g advertising) as it's not neutral enough to speak to a vast audience. Tattoo sales will be limited also but I do feel you could have a good chance with game art, concept art or character development so look at these avenues.

Good luck!


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Lots of good suggestions, you could also try getting your work out there, try:


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travis, this is the first question I asked myself - how I can sell illustrations. Sometimes you struggle if there is no interest.
My approach is simple. I looked for stock companies that can sell illustrations for me. Their multimillion client base is the answer. You can find some decent references if you dig around.


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Travis, great stuff, definitely potential for some work in comics. Best bet is to put together a portfolio that you can take to cons and show off.

I'd recommend branching out (or not in this case) and try some more grounded, realistic stuff. this would show that you have range. Another good idea would be to put together some comic pages yourself. Doesn't have to be big and clever, doesn't really have to tell a story, just illustrate that you can work sequentially.

Understanding Comics by Scott McLoud has some great pointers on this knid of thing.

Best of luck!


I would say so yes, the top very finished illustration in particular is very beautiful.

You could think along the lines of art prints and t shirts and selling them yourself independently via places like Etsy and what not. With lots of effort and marketing you could make a living from your art, plenty of people do.

If selling your skills as an illustrator 'for hire' really the main market for this is business owners and you will need to adapt your style or subject matter to be commercial - ie images that someone could use in marketing materials such as brochures, flyers and such like. Once you develop a portfolio like that, this evidences to business owners that you can offer commercially viable illustrations and then people will hire you to create them once you've done your marketing and got your name out there.

Have a look around you at what sort of style and subject matter illustrations businesses commission ... they are all around you, everywhere. Lifestyle images, character illustrations and so on are popular commissions. As illustrative logo designs.


Sam Cowley

These illustrations are very good, you could go many ways with this. Either with setting up your own business or even selling your images as backgrounds, logo's, other. Your really good! Hope this helps! :)