Hello! Can I make money doing this?


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Can I make any money from drawing things like this? I didn't go to university or art school, I can't really to confess to know what I'm doing exactly.





Maybe try approaching a couple of tattoo shops and selling the black and white designs on as tattoos? Or approaching some comic book publishers with a portfolio? Or if you're any good at writing - write your own comic books OR, if you have a friend who is good at writing - partner up with them.

There is also the option of selling prints of your artwork on places like deviantart.com.

Try having your own website and market yourself as a freelance illustrator?

There's money to be made if you're willing to put the effort in, but it's not going to be a get rich quick solution :icon_wink:

Personally i really like them and i think you have potential, if i ever need an illustration doing in that style, I'll come look you up ;)
They are really good! :icon_notworthy:

I would agree with linziloop - sell your artwork!

Get yourself your own website, and maybe you could also sell one of a kind illustrations?
You could look at getting some of them screenprinted onto A2 and A1 stock. Could look really nice in two colour. Then you could sell them as poster art.
May be worth approaching a few publishers - they're often looking for new artists that have not been seen before. Try the Writers and Artists Yearbook in the first instance.
Do you know enough to do this digitally?

If you can do illustration and produce digital output, there is a good amount of money to be made as a freelance illustrator.
i think your illustrations are really great and I think yo could do really well with this, you just got to find the right people who are looking for your work - freelancing may a good start to get your name out there along with a good website, incorporating your illustrations :) good luck!! :icon_biggrin:
How to make money from a talent is always hard. Sometimes it is best to make sure you have fun doing it and then look for the right opportunities at the right time. Trust me, I love designing websites but sometimes it really becomes a chore (when clients go bad) and that puts me off wanting to do it.

That said I think maybe you should team up with a writer and look at some digi comics online. I'm also going to say (and don't take this as a crit as I don't know one end of a pencil from the other...which can sometimes be painful or embarrassing) that maybe you should look at some digital rendering for your illustrations. Patterns, gradients and shadow effects might make them 'pop' a little more.

My friend Chris does this...

Squashed Bob

and often uses Photoshop to add render to a simple line drawing and I hope you'll agree his stuff is pretty cool. That kind of look on your drawings , along with some engaging storyline in a digi comic format, would be a fantastic portfolio piece and may get you noticed by someone who can give you the opportunity to make a living from your 'god given'. :icon_notworthy:

Hope that helps.
What you have shown reminds me of myself and the work I was doing back in the 70's!
I wish there was some place to go to for advice way back then!

I think it would be a good idea to add a few humans to your repertoire. Maybe in the form of superheroes but not necessarily. Also, some realistic backgrounds would help too. You will need a much more rounded portfolio before you are able to accept commissions. No one will ever commission an illustration that just features an unknown creature/robot/whatever. You need to show that you can draw other things too.
These are brilliant, you have some real skill. I'd get in touch with game companies like others have suggested. It looks like the type of stuff they'd love, with game and character development etc.. Not many people can do what you can do. I'd put an online portfolio together and email as many game companies you can. You'll get a job in illustration easily.
Do you know enough to do this digitally?

If you can do illustration and produce digital output, there is a good amount of money to be made as a freelance illustrator.
Totally agree with Site Engine. We commissioned some illustrations from a digital illustrator Ian Dodds Ian Dodds Illustration - Portfolio for our website. Theres a massive market for talented illustrators out there, you've just got to find your niche!

Best of luck