Health & Safety for Graphic Designers


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Hi, I need to find the UK legislation for health & safety for Graphic Designers. If anyone could link me up or share any information it would be much appreciated :icon_smile:
Yeah, I'd agree with Katy. DSE (Display Screen Equipment) assessments and regular eye tests would have covered it I'd have thought. Other than that it would be general office stuff (or 'common sense' as we like to call it).
I always make sure that I'm wearing a hard hat, protective glasses and steel toe capped boots when using Photoshop!:icon_hide:
If you work at home alone, you might want to check-out Lone Working.

If you work in business premises, employ others, etc, a whole different set of challenges apply. The Health & Safety Executive publish many free leaflets, there's an A-Z list here, it would be a great starting point HSE - Publications: Free Leaflets

You can also ask your local authority for advice.

I know a very down-to-earth H&S safety consultant if that's useful. I saw one of his talks, it was actually interesting and reassuring!

(The H&S Executive used to publish funny posters, well they made me laugh, "H&S Myth of the Month" - archives are here Myth of the month)
Always cut away from you when using a scalpel, otherwise you can end up with additional blood splatter effect added to your designs :icon_biggrin: