Have I become mr monochrome.....


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I love black and white.

I love grey and charcoals.

When I do work for clients I get asked for a lot of this and in all honesty I think it looks good. I do do a lot of work with colour and within the respective portfolio sections I will be showing this.

On my websites homepage its all in black and whites, I want to know if people think it looks to dull, does it look boring? Should I use the full colour logo's etc?

I have been of the mindset that displaying portfolio thumbnails as black and white is good as it gives a basic impression and simple view, am I wrong?

Thanks all :icon_biggrin:
I think it looks better with the colour. It's still neat and tidy but it's now got a little extra visual interest. Nice layout by the way :)
I think we can all get stuck in a styling rut sometimes and Its hard to get out of it, I have to force myself to change up my website design styling for clients every 12 months or so to try and keep my designer fresh. As long as you keep this at the back of your mind you should be fine. Your designs are very good btw.