has image manipulation gone to far?


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I would really love your help!! Im trying to find lots of views and opinions along with examples?
Do you feel image manipulation has gone to far??
Are people losing trust in images with the technology?

i would love a discussion going on this topic......

I think that fact that googling "photoshop fail" throws up reams of sites probably effectively answers one part of your question. Image manipulation is so prolific these days that any old hack thinks they can do it with hilarious results. That, coupled with the disastrous effect it's having on body image (male & female) means that yes, it's probably gone too far.
There's a naked "sleb" on the front cover of Grazia this week who insisted on a un-touched photo- personally, my eyes have been so trained to view manipulated photography as the norm, I couln;t stop myself from noting "faults."

Good & interesting point- I'm looking forward to hearing other people's opinions.

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yea it was definitely around way before photoshopped just easy to be done and shown alot more now i personally feel

One guy has pointed out this very interesting fact:

From the moment man first picked up a stick and drew something in the sand he has manipulated (art-iculated) his own expressed view as a graphical representation of reality and how he see's it.

Would you agree with this???
It's almost become a hobby, spot the flaws. The common faults I see with manipulations, are the lighting and angles. I think people have become a victim of technology though.

I think it's becoming easier to manipulate photos, but as a consequence, the skills which are required to do it effectively, have diminished. It's the same with photography.

I've been told by a guy who once did photography, that there were so many factors to take into account before taking a snap, now the camera does a lot of the leg work. Yet you still see some rather shoddy pictures.

One day they may have an oxygen supply on mars, that's not to say I'm going to become an astronaught. These people who butcher manipulations, should leave it to those who know how.
I'll think it may have gone too far when it comes to images of so called perfect people on magazines and in the media in general.

Then I look at photos of myself and think maybe it hasn't gone far enough :icon_tongue_smilie: