Has anyone redesigned their site to a mobile version?

Mine is so simple in terms of layout and coding that it already works on a mobile! Maybe I'm just ahead of the game.
Doing the layout shouldn't be too hard for a coder with even basic experience/knowledge. Detecting and re-direct mobile devices is a bit of a minefield. I can totally see the benefit of a site optimised for mobile if that is where the majority of your users will be (big text, not too crowded, friendly buttons etc) but, with the majority of smart phones displaying normal sites really well nowadays, I think a mobile version could be a waste of time.

It all depends on audience figures :icon_smile:
In Drupal we used three modules, 'Fusion Mobile',' Mobile tools', and 'WURFL' which in combo detect a mobile device and serve up a theme of our choice.
The way I tried it before when I did a wee bit of web coding was to set up a separate CSS stylesheet for mobile devices. Making sure to use percentages instead of absolute pixel figures for widths and heights etc, this made it easy to use CSS to do this. There's loads of tutorials on the web on how to do this. :)