Has anyone ever used these and if so good bad etc...


I was thinking about adding another kind of printing to my designs when things get up and running. I have seen some pretty good designs I think, using this machine. Also I went too a very cool shop in Vancouver a few years ago and made my own tshirt using this sort of machine it looked fairly easy.

So are they good? do you need to spend a lot or is this kind of one good (eg approx £100/150)? Is this the machine you can use for effects like flocking and textures like suede? Can I print my images with a normal printer at home?

Basically I'm clueless but I think it might be a great tool to get more varied designs out there :)
Any advice welcome!:icon_confused:

I know approximately sqit about them :icon_biggrin: but I do have a mate who is in the tshirt printing game, if you like I'll email him what you have asked here and send the ebay link?
Oh yes that would be great! I have someone who is screen printing them for me but I thought this might be another string to add to my bow as it where :)
He just mailed me saying:

"It's seems very cheap for a heat press. We use a couple of them at work but our's are about £800 each. Ideal for doing small runs , indiviual names etc (think football shirts, hen do's) with vinyl.

You can also do full colour prints but only really work onto white shirts with transfer paper. Just reverse the image and print on to the special paper approx 180c print temp. Peel the backing of while still hot.
Again this is good for something that won't be used to much Birthdays, Stag do's (embarrising photo's) have a look at Magic Touch for paper etc."

Not sure that helps lol but he says I can email him with more questions if needed.
Thanks! God can't sleep! Why does my brain work amazingly at 1am!?! Anyway thank you can you ask... Basically I want to do stuff like this...
The Pippa and Ike Show - Pino Dino t-shirt
Can I do this? And the stuff I did in Vancouver is still as good as new and it's been wash tumbled etc etc and owned by a six year old! Is this not usual? :) Only because he said suitable for stuff you don't wear often:)
It does seems cheap but then prices for most goods are shooting down in price!

i had a Tshirt press many years ago and used it with Magic Touch paper through a colour copier. They are really designed for full colour, short-run but, that said, my brother-in-law still has his Myles Davis Tshirt I made him way back then (about 1997) and I have some that I sleep in! I'm sure that you can get a paper that prints on to dark shirts - take a look at Magic Touch - as long as you have a laser printer that should work OK.

For one colour stuff it may still be good to screen print... but you can also offer personalised Tshirts, etc.
Hi Moomi, sent that link to my mate and he said again "the heatpress is suited for vinyl applications" so don't think he's definitively answering that, sorry. BUT he did send you a link http://www.xpres.co.uk/ and these people apparently sell all sorts of weird and wonderful vinyls including flock (I think that's what you were talking about). Anyhoo have a hunt round on there it's quite interesting what they have.