Hardware and software for web banners?


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I'm not a graphic designer but would like to be able to create vector based web banners and such related items. I've been trying to work out what I need to start and have thought maybe I need Adobe Illustrator - similar, Photoshop - or similar and then maybe a graphics tablet. Hopefully this post isn't too hilarious in its total cluelessness. I really am keen to learn and don't know anyone at all who works web design, graphic design or anything similar. I just want to be able to create pretty web banners of the style of these example sites etc.below and maybe if I can get good enough create web sites.
Also can anyone recommend any good books.

So far I have downloaded Inkscape and Gimp and thinking of buying a Wacom Intuous but really trying to keep cost as low as I can.


Many thanks:icon_smile:
For vector graphics you'll need Illustrator (or Fireworks, though that's more for interface/web layouts). Photoshop can work with vector object, but can only export to raster images. For the time being, just stick with the free software. Adobe packages generally are considered better, but they come with a price-tag to match that.

Similarly I wouldn't bother with a Wacom tablet until you really feel you need one. There are cheaper options available (a Wacom Bamboo for example) but for now I'd avoid any excess expense until you're comfortable with the design aspect of the job.
I don't really think for my vector work I particularly use my Wacom. This is because of the lack precision when working with tablets (this may just be me) but also if you learn to use the pen tool in illustrator properly then it is an amazing way to create smooth line work on fill.