Hard to Follow a Career


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When I started at this new job I felt very happy because was kind of my dream to be working with contract in a company of this level… But now after one year and still not felling like having a fair salary, I start wondering; Follow the career, Look for a new job, talk with my bosses before start looking for a new job and show my discontentment..???
I am a junior Graphic Designer ( I dont feel like a junior coz I am around this field for more then 10 years, but I know that in terms of type setting I still have a lot to learn).
My responsibilities are recive jobs, execute them between the time they give me for, either is a poster, banner, brochure, vehicle wrap, etc, check for for mistake/make sure its all good and send back to my supervisor, usually by mail. I also answer the phone, do some printing and scan jobs.

The job in general is not boring, the environment could be more exciting, maybe with music...