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MELTDOWN is a Christian hard music ministry based in the UK. We deal with all styles of hard music. We take the Christian message to people who listen to anything from AC/DC through the extreme Hardcore music. We are a charitable concern and funds are limited - but we do have money available and we are interested in hearing from anyone who may be interested in helping us.

We are looking for a new logo that can represent our ministry. We do not want any Christian imagery in the logo and we want the logo to not be specifically genre specific. So the logo should say “Hard Music” generally but not say “Hardcore” or “Metal” in style specifically.

We need a logo with a smaller round button logo that can be used on merchandise etc. You can see what I mean by logo with button logo by looking at the Bleed from within logo.

Our websites are

Meltdown UKCHM Ministry <Meltdown UKCHM Ministry> <Meltdown UKCHM Ministry> <Meltdown UKCHM Ministry>

Detonation Magazine <Detonation Magazine> <Detonation Magazine> <Detonation Magazine>

Logo Samples:


If you look at this Facebook photo album, you can see some designs that we like.

We look forward to your quotes via PM.


Dave Williams
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