Had an interview yesterday....


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Had an interview yesterday which was uncomfortable to say the least! The interviewer started by moaning about my CV then went on to ask some very open questions followed by long periods of staring at me as though my answer was incomplete. It was one of those situations where I could have known more than him about a subject but he'd still have managed to make me feel under prepared. When we got on to my portfolio he told me my work was very utilitarian and functional. After that he warmed up slightly and is actually quite a nice bloke with a no bullshit attitude to life. He sent me away with 48 hours to answer a creative brief for him....

I emailed him my concepts along with an explanation of my thinking and mock ups of the pieces in situe at 10pm last night (I didn't see the point hanging on to it for another 36 hours), and got this response this morning...

"This is a good response to the brief, well done. We will be comparing diaries on Monday to arrange second interviews"

I'm very chuffed with that as I honestly felt after the interview, that I'd done badly and that I'd be lucky to get a response to my concepts. Fingers crossed things go well at 2nd interview.
went on to ask some very open questions followed by long periods of staring at me as though my answer was incomplete.

I know the feeling; had a telephone interview around Christmas time and every time I finished my answer there would just be a deathly silence on the phone for about 5 seconds before they'd respond, awful. That said, I thought the whole thing was awful as there was never any response to anything I said or any back channelling during answers, just a silent delay and the next question. But that's another topic!

Well done though and all the best for Monday, fingers crossed.
Think I should be more prepared for the next interview!... Anyone know anything about sublimation printing?...
Good Luck!

Although it sounds like he was just trying to see how you coped under a stressful situation. Quite common in interviewing. You just have to be aware that it's not personal and that they do that to everyone.
I think the long silences might have been due to him thinking, uh what question should I ask next...

Well, it's now Wednesday and I'm yet to hear any more from the company. Think I'll give it till next Monday then drop him an email.
I strongly believe that any kind of schtick like this at a formal interview is idiotic: pop psychology mind games cribbed off the internet and intended to give the impression of some kind of deeper level analysis are nothing more than a hiding place for those too thick to formulate a proper question.

Edit: Good luck though.
Just had the call to arrange a second interview. :icon_smile:

Problem is that I applied for another job today that I fancy more!.. Although it's punching well above my weight so I probably wont even get an interview.