Carmen Davies

New Member
How many of you create complete, well presented client guidelines for branding projects?

Do you do create guidelines for anything else?

How do you usually set yours out?
I do if the client requests one, usually for logo usage. This is generally info re. colouration, minimum space around logo, instructions NOT to scale out of proportion, info re. setting on a background colour or background image etc.
Sometimes you may need to provide information re. the use of an accompanying typeface should the brand require flexible straplines to sit alongside the logo.
I usually set them at A4 and save as PDF rather than providing an actual physical document.

As packaging graphics are my thing, I often create a layout of a typical pack/component and use 'X's or blocks to show the layout of elements in relation to each other.

Most of the time guidelines aren't required as 99% of the time you the designer is using the logo/identity to create the poster/carton and hopefully you know your own rules!
I've been supplied with 80 page brand guidelines for large corporate companies. They cover everything from logo use, stock photography guidelines, web, powerpoint and print. It all depends on you clients needs, including advice on different printing methods (RGB, CMYK) can be useful.