Gsuite and personal gmail..


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Ok, my google (and brain lol) has failed me on this which is rather ironic seeing as it's google related...

I've never used gsuite and in all honesty I don't really use gmail much these days but my Mum's work has decided they're going to use gsuite for email etc at work (it's a school).

I've set up her android phone with a personal gmail account and as such set it up so she can log in on her laptop for things like the calendar. Mum needed to access Gsuite from home and so logged in but it then decided it would just attach itself to the personal login so you can swap between them.
The only time I've had '2 logins' on gmail was when I set up a second email specifically for google+ but seeing as it was just for me using it I didn't worry too much over it.

Now I'm 99.99999% certain there is no 'cross communication' between the accounts so Mum's 'work' can't read her personal email etc but my Mum is a little more concerned and well now it's my job to 'fix it' lol.

I know I can set up 2 browsers to keep them separate but is there a way to keep them separate in one browser (edge to be precise) and only login into one at any one time?


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I had a similar thing going with Gmail.

My e-mails go through my hosting but for some reason I couldn't empty my inbox and neither could my host so they routed my e-mails through Gmail.
All a bit Heath Robinson.

What I did was have one e-mail set up on my Mac Mail and then used Firefox to access the Gmail one.
Not ideal but it seems to work.