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Hi there everyone,
I have been thinking about getting a Graphics Tablet and was wondering if anyone out there could recommend one?

I have a imac and a powerbook G4 so it needs to be Mac compatible and good to use on either machine. The software I use the most is Illustrator & Photoshop, and mainly want to use the graphics tablet for detailed freehand drawing and retouching photos!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I have no experience of using a graphics tablet.
Many thanks,
I am also looking for one Angie, so if you come across any let me know as well. I will keep my eyes open although I am looking for a decent one for a PC which is Windows 7 compatible :(
I'm going to jump in as well and say that if you do find one let me know as I'd also be interested, I've never used one and feel like I'm missing out :icon_biggrin:

It might also speed up the process of getting ideas on to the mac.
I've always used Wacom tablets on my macs - I have a couple that are quite old now & only small A6 size. I use it mainly for photo retouching these days - I'm not the drawing type.

For photo retouching, I couldn't survive without it these days - its soooo much better than using a mouse.

I've used this tablet with a G4 tower, G4 powerbook & now my Intel Imac - no problems with any of them.

I will at some stage get a new larger tablet...but they are quite pricey!
Yeah, i think Wacom tablets are definitely some of the best =) i've got an A4 Wacom Intuos4 one for my mac and would definitely recommend it. Got it from ebay so it was cheaper though xD although my friend got 2 new A4 ones from a car boot sale =s
Drawing without a tablet..

I am drawing a map and was interested in a graphics tablet but have now drawn by hand and scanned sketches (in b/w) and then colourised in Photoshops, saved as PSD with transparency and dropped in to Illustrator onto main map. Until i can try a tablet and be sure it feels good to work with i don't want to splash out at presnet as too many bills to pay and cmaera equipment to repair!
I've got a Wacom Bamboo and use it for doing illustrations in illustrator, photoshop and sometimes instead of a mouse when using InDesign so i don't get RSS as much, tis pretty nifty, I'd recommend them! Pressure sensitive, nice little pen, responsive, nothing bad to say really!
I have an A4 wacom intuos3 and have had it for a few years, always served me very well. From what I remember from when I researched them as I bought one, Wacom is the trusted and best brand, though that may have changed recently. I use it on my windows 7 PC and it works fine. I'd recommend. It takes some time investment getting used to it, but the results are better in the end.