graphics resolution for 1080p output


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I've just been approached to design some graphics for use on 1080p digital display units. I'm used to designing for print or web ie 300dpi or 72dpi. What settings should I use for my file set up bearing in mind I'd like a high quality output?

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how big is the display unit? 1080p means that the screens resolution is fixed at 1920 pixels x 1080 pixels. So a 16:9 40" screen displaying 1080p would have a PPI (pixels per inch) count of about 48 per frame.

dpi and 1080p dont really go hand in hand but if you were to set your document to actual size with a dpi of 72 you'll have no output problems (resolution wise)
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Hi big Dave,

thanks for your quick reply. You've explained it well there. Many thanks for your help.:icon_thumbup:

Yeh, with modern screens you don't meed to worry about pixel density dots/inch or points/inch. An LCD screen will map an image pixel to pixel unless you zoom in or out or the image in some way or other. The screen itself will determine the density, so a 1080p 50" LCD will have a much lower dpi than a 32" LCD, but the mapping will still be 1px to 1px.

So as bigdave says, for a 1080p screen, create a 1920 pixels by 1080 pixel image.