Graphics Cards



I hope this is not a too-newbie question but, what should I pay attention to when buying a new graphics card?
It really depends on what you want to use it for:

If you are wanting to do 3D work / gaming then you should go for a high end card like the nVidia 280 or the Ati 4870

If you just want to do 2D work (web / print) then a mid range card will be fine like the nVidia 9800 or the Ati 3870

With new graphics cards these days you also have to make sure that:

A) they will fit in your case as newer cards are bloomin' big!

B) that you have a big enough PSU (power supply unit) that has a specific power connector that connects to your card as most modern cards require power direct from the PSU and not just through the motherboard. You really want a minimum rated PSU of 600W.

C) make sure your motherboard has the right type of slot for you card. Most new cards require PCI-e connection.

**Don't go for a cheap £20 PSU becuase they have a tendancy to blow up and will take the rest of your PC components with it. Generally you want to spend at least £50.

Hope that helps a bit.
Thank you Pixels Ink,
I want to do 3D works, what do you people think of eVGA FTW or BFG OCX?
any suggestion?
I use BFG - their support is second to none allegedly - no that I've had to use it. UK (Welsh) company too, so I believe. :)