Graphic/garment designer needed!


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Hi guys,

I've been searching though this forum for the last couple of days and have only just decided to join. I know it's my first post however im really interested in your help and can see that there are some brilliant designers here!


I'm currently going thought the stages of creating my capone clothing brand, I've got everything in place except the designs, me and my business parter have spent hours looking at example designs and putting together some sketches for our tshirts.

What I'm asking if there's anybody out there who's willing to help us over the next few weeks to get our designs digital and ready to be printed. This would mean me and my partner sending you the sketches and ideas we have and getting you to design a maximum of 6 designs ready to be printed.

We would need to be able to speak to you on occasions to help get the art work perfect, we'd preferably like to do this by Skype as we can conference call each other and finalise the designs.

Also as being a clothing brand we would have to create designs for summer and winter fashion therefore will need to keep in contact for our duration of the brand being alive, we would always be returning to you for designs to be made and are willing to pay good money for every design created.

Like I said this isn't going to be a one off job and will use you for all our designs, hope you guys can work with us.

Look forward to hearing from everyone!


Connor Lownds