Graphic designers who do fine-arts


Some artists are involved in multiple careers such as drawing, design, music and so on. Do you know some to mention? I want to have a look at how they exhibit portfolio of various careers on website and social media. For instance, here is the website of a web/graphic designer who sometimes does traditional fine arts such as handmade drawing and illustration.
Well I don't see much graphic design on their site. It looks to me like he's basically a digitally artist, though a very good one if all that is his work.

I do see some sites where they try to cram in different artistic fields and usually they don't work, especially with things like music etc. That's probably why you're struggling to find many examples.
It's often something that people try early in their careers before they have settled into one specific discipline. The danger is to appear like a 'Jack of all trades and master of none'.

Is it something you're trying to work out for your own site?

Actually, scrap what I said earlier. The guy's sketches don't show anything like the talent that appears on his homepage. I would debate that he had a hand in any of those images. :unsure:
I'm a designer and artist ( Weekend artist really ). But I keep these 2 very separate for business purposes.