Graphic/Designer Wanted for mobile app(s)


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Hi all,

first things first, this is not a paid gig. I'm sorry if that caveat loses your interest so early on, but I'd rather say it out loud now than have you read my long-arse post only to feel swindled at the end :)

My partner (as in business, not life) and I are looking for someone who can join with us as an equal 3rd partner, working on an iPhone (initially, Android secondarily, webOS... meh) app that we're in the early stages of developing.

We currently have a couple of live apps on the app store, with a 3rd having been taken off recently in preparation for this project. We're both developers working for a large American multinational company, but the decent success of our business app (the one recently taken down) has caused us to wish to focus on this area to create a business in. We're not web developers, but code in C, Java, and Objective-C/Cocoa. We also appreciate that our design and graphics skills suck the big cheesy fat one. Our coding skills are anything but sucky, having been doing the job for over 30 years between us. Lord, I just realised, it's probably nearer 40 years between us. Moving swiftly on...

Not wishing to suck at anything, or to produce apps that are the result of such horrible suckiness, we'd like to partner with someone who has graphics skills, design awareness, maybe even some UI or UX abilities to complement our technical skills. We are currently at an impasse as neither of us has these skills to any great level (at all) and need someone to contribute at that level.

The business app we're looking to redevelop, redesign and recode needs to be looked at from first principals. We know how to do this on a development level, and with our experience at the first iteration of the app we do have some strong ideas on what needs to go where, but we'd like the process to start as a conversation on what needs to go in, where and how. This wouldn't simply be a case of 'Here you go, spend a month designing this in isolation, and then we'll code it'. We all need to be involved, even if my demands for a rainbow, flashing font are ulitmately over-ruled.

I did have a bunch of other stuff in my first post, but I took so long deliberating over it that the interweb ate it when I came to post it because my session had expired!

Like I say, we have the technical skills to produce decent apps, but not the graphical, or design skills to make truly awesome, 'user-delighting', striking and appealing apps. Someone who has that more creative side, as well as being able to wield a graphics tablet in no mean manner, would be a perfect fit for us.

Going on past projects, we reckon this would take 3-4 months to complete, end to end. I'd say that the majority of your time would be taken up at the start, with sporadic involvement through-out as we iron things out through the development cycle.

My sincerest apologies if:
1. I come across as a flippant, irritating geeky twat. I'm actually very anxious that this post doesn't offend, and answers as many initial questions as possible
2. This is totally the wrong place for this. I promise you, I've lurked in many, much, much, much darker places on the internet trying to find the best place to post this. If you know a better place for me to go and pollute, I'll be happy to do so (as long as it doesn't involve theh words 'donkey', 'reservoir' and 'porn').

If anyone's willing to discuss this further, or has any questions, please feel free to PM me (as long as this stands for Personal/Private Mail, and not Penis Mark). Additional apologies if people think my humour (if you're feeling generous enough to call it that) indicates a lack of professionalism or commitment to doing this, nothing could be further from the truth.


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