Graphic Designer - Seeking Full Time Employment in Shropshire


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Dear all,

I am a Graphic Designer from Telford, Shropshire, and am currently looking for full time work.

I am educated to a MA level in Design for Advertising as well as a BA and HND in Graphic Communications.
With a further 3 years in-house design experience and a wealth of knowledge in Quark and Photoshop as well as Indesign, Illustrator.

I'm bursting with creativity and itching to work in the creative sector with like minded people again.
I'm a hardworking fella, (i'll sweep and mop floors if required) I'm just looking for an opportunity to show people what i can do!

All the best,

Ross Minton

[email protected]
rob sorry i cant help.

but good luck with it mate! i feel ya!

such a difficult time to get a job, when all you need is that chance to show yourself
Good luck mate, make sure your CV is well written. Get professional advice on it if you have to. Don't let recruitment agencies bash your ego, you'll get more luck approaching design companies direct.
Hi Ross

Do you have a portfolio of work online anywhere? Don't you fancy freelancing? What you doing at the moment?


Hey Ross,

I work for Creative Protege, a company that helps graduates and young people get design experience, and wanted to let you know that we might be able to help you in getting your teeth into some creative work.

Check out our portfolio on here or visit our website (Creative Protege Ltd) to see what we do, if you are interested, but we always welcome talented and enthusiastic individuals to work on briefs from top companies.

Many of those registered with us have succeeded in securing fantastic positions in design agencies across the country (one even got his dream job abroad). Oh, and by the way, you wont have to mop any floors!

Creative Urges

I hear that jobs are thin on the ground, so why not start doing some freelance work ... if at least in your spare time to start.

That way you can build up a freelance career and never have to worry about having a job again - you'll be the job :))

Unless that doesn't appeal to you for some reason?


Hi Ross,
I advise recent graduates on how to build their reputation and profile- maybe a few of these tips could help.

1. I'm not even going to tell you to build an online presence- you should already have that- ensure that your website is clean, simple and only shows the best examples of your work. Ensure you have a blog that you add to regularly- you don't' need to be making life changing comments- just add pieces of work that inspire you as well as elements from the non-design world. Build a Facebook group and add, add, add- do ensure that the content is regularly updated & quality as you don't want any negative comments.

2. You missed a cracking opportunity with that post by not leaving a link to your portfolio as part of your signature- don't make it hard for people to find you.

3. If you want to do something creative, just do it- don't wait around for someone to pay you. Start an arts collective with your friends, design an old-school fanzine, design a new school fanzine/ volunteer at a gallery or for a band, do anything as long as you do something. Creativity is a continual process and one that doesn't start when you walk into a studio.

4. I doubt you're in the position to undertake an unpaid placement & at the moment they rarely result in work anyway- so only do it if you're going to learn a new skill or are guaranteed a piece of worh that's going to majorly improve your portfolio.

5. Ask for portfolio reviews from agencies- they usually say yes and it's akin to a no-pressure job interview giving you the experience of being in an interview environment without any of the sweating and stammering that comes with an interview- plus you're outting your best work in front of potential employers.

I hope that helps- a lot of it is actually just common sense but it's usually overlooked in the scramble for jobs.