Graphic Designer required for Short Film Titles

Dendelion Blu

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Dendelion Blu finished the production of a short film named "I Hate".

The film is about a pretty, complicated, intelligent girl named Gloria, who finds herself in a dark room, and bursts into a multiple personalities crises.

I need a great graphic designer who can work on the end titles sequence. The sequence is already there as sketches, but it needs serious polishing & gloss. Creative input will also be welcome!

This job is paid. As the budget for the short film was small, the fee is also small. But it's there.

Please check out Dendelion Blu's website for a few posters from the film!

Please submit examples of your work, and if I see something that believe will work, I will reply with clips from my film, plus the sketched titles sequence.


Edoardo L'Astorina
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Dendelion Blu


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