Graphic Designer needed to create technical shoe drawings.


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I am new to this forum as you can this is my first post so bear with me! Please forgive me if I am posting in the wrong section of the forum or just not in the right form at all. I would be grateful if you could point me the right direction to get my project completed.

I need a graphic designer to bring my shoe sketches to life, in the form converting them to technical drawings, which can be provided to a manufacture for production.

I will provide you with my labeled sketches and dimensions best I can.

Prior experience of this kind of product designs is crucial as I will need your professional input in deciding dimensions of the shoe an which sketches are feasible. It goes without say you will need to be excellent at technical drawings.

All candidates must be fluent in English as a clear communication vital to the successful completion of this project, any language barriers will hinder this.

For security reasons. I will only consider candidates who have a track record on this forum or whom can provide valid references and several example of previous work.

In terms of budget I am open-minded and am willing negotiate based upon the skills, location and expertise of the candidate.

Please see a link below, which is all about technical drawings for shoes

Thank you all for your time.