Graphic designer Interview


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Hello, I am contacting you as part of a university job.

The goal for me is to collect as much information as possible about your job, I am writing to you here so that you can take the time to answer a few questions, namely:

-What was your school career, especially after the bac?
-How is life after studying? ease or not in finding work.
-Do you now work for yourself or for a company, in both cases, what are the working conditions?
-Daily what does your job consist of? Are there repetitive sides or similar days or is the job constantly changing?
- Does your job allow you to express any creative side of your personality, do you have a lot of freedom or not?
-What are the possible evolutions of your profession whether you are self-employed or hired by a company?

The answers do not have to be specially developed, the aim is to answer sincerely and quickly if possible, Thanks in advance!

In addition, any additional information will be welcome, thank you again!

Furthermore if you can add some special information, I will be greatful !


I will be glad to answer all your questions.
Please make a simple form with various options.
It will be very easy for all of us to assist you via the form.