Graphic Design - What to Charge?

Yeah sorry that's the 2 calculation options, you have to decide on the cost.

I have no idea what a fair price is as it depends what needs to be done exactly; 14 pages all completely different with lots of illustration for example is going to cost a lot more than 14 template pages just needing a bit of text changing.
Hi Falguni,

I hope you are having a good Thursday? I have a couple of questions:

What size will your booklet be?
What kind of content will be needed inside the booklet?

Really, it's all about how long it may take someone to create your design, layout and final artwork.

Hope this helps? Any further questions just ask us. We are all here to help you.
Booklet design costs between a few hundred and several thousand dollars. A freelance designer may charge $50 to $150 per page for a 14-page brochure, totaling $700 to $2,100. Canva, on the other hand, has printed booklet designs that you can change. They start at $20.
I started writing this a few days ago - it's not finished - but should give a good idea how to proceeed

This way - your price list will show your client what to expect cost wise.

Basically select what is required - plain text, to infographics, to charts/graphs, to stock images, editing

It looks complicated - but it's like a menu - I went far too deep
That's why I haven't finished the below - because it's too much to reduce it to a basic menu

But it's up to you - this how I would start a pricing package
Shows the client what to expect - and if they come back asking for a 64 page booklet - then you can refer to the price list depending on the content required.

Or keep the price list to yourself - and just tell the client your project is ranked as intricate on our estimate and it's approximately X amount.
However, this is just an estimate and final cost may be higher/lower.

A booklet can't be 14 pages for starters...

Anyway - whatever your hourly rate is.

You might have
Setup = £50 (can be waived at your discretion)
4 page cover - Complex = £150
8 pages text - Elementary = £75
2 pages infographics = £150 (ad hoc)
2 pages graphs/charts = £50


- setup = £50 (also your hourly fee for example)

With the below scale your client will know what to expect in terms of pricing.

Setup is £50 then: Per 4 pages
Elementary - £25
+Plain Text

Basic - £50
+Images (supplied no editing)

Moderate - £75

Intermediate - £100

Advanced - £125
+Photo Editing

Complex - £150
+Stock Illustrations/Stock Images

Intricate - £175
+Editing Stock/Supplied Files

Ad Hoc depending on the complexity
Proficient - £200

+Special Folding/Requirements

Advanced - £250
+Special Finishes/UV Spot/Die Cut/Embossing, etc.

Expert - £300

Masterful - £400

Pinnacle - £600