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I graduated from University in June with a BA(Hons) in Theatre Arts, within this course I specialised in Theatrical Make Up, I really enjoyed it but it is not the career for me. What I loved most was taking the photos and editing them myself and producing creative images, which if you see from my website I find my images to be more on the creative and graphic side then the fashion make up students.

Since I graduated it took me till January to finally secure a full time job in a creative industry as a Visual Merchandiser however again this is not for me, it is all about fashion and styling and following in store guild lines, I want to be more creative! I have always been interested in graphic design, I studied it at AS Level and as previously mentioned I edited my own work throughout university.Thing is now I am looking to learn about graphic design so I can get into this industry but I have no idea where to start!!

I was told these days I could teach myself with online courses and tutorials , problem is I just dont know exactly what I need to learn. There is so many short courses and adult courses all quite expensive and I dont want to waste money on the wrong one or even atall if I dont need one. I have since been dabbling in photoshop but its hard whilst I am working full time and often overtime. I was considering leaving my job and working part time whilst I teach myself but this is a big step to make and I really need to know exactly what Im doing.

I just wonderd if anyone on here could give me some advice?
Hi Rosalie, if you can post your website link here that will be nice.

You seem to be on a rocky road where you enjoyed something at University but you don’t want a career from it. It's difficult to get a job, but a job is not a job as you are experiencing - if you are not passionate about the work you do, or you don’t enjoy or happy with the work you do, you’ll end up quitting that job. As opposed to enjoying your work and you are passionate in what you do, you may likely aim to climb up the rank, develop your skills, succeed and have a prosperous future.

Kindly speak to your manager about the possibility of working part-time. Reduced hours means reduced pay. Negotiate and show interest, before coming to the conclusion of quitting. You don’t want to leave on bad terms, considering when your manager is your latest professional reference.

Graphic design is broad!
Do you like photography? People portraits?
Do you like illustration?
Do you want to design websites and applications for mobile devices, and maybe for the Apple Watch?
Do you want to design printed literature from annual reports, catalogues to business cards?

Do you have an ‘eagle-eye’ for design?
What type of design inspires you the most?

Self-teaching yourself graphic design with great samples of work is an interesting story to tell employers, who may have went to University to study graphic design.
Should going back to University be the best option for you?

I hope this helps.

(Graphic designers tend to be deep thinkers)
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