Graphic Design to UI


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Hi guys, new to the forum.

I'm a graphic designer of 3.5 years professionally. Primarily coming from a print/agency background. I have done digital work here and there, albeit nothing too in depth (graphics for social media etc, website page layout design, video editing etc).
I have been heavily considering making the gradual transition into UI or web design.
What could you guys recommend?
What are the best crucial steps to begin with (online courses, learning new programs, etc)??

Many thanks


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Most of web design has little to with 'design'. The starting point for any website is the content. The content is imported into a wire frame along with the internal navigation. Functional elements are added and the whole thing tested.

The CSS for each element can then be coded and again tested. This time the tests focus on cross browser compatibility, responsiveness, usability and accessibility.

The idea that you design a template which is then converted into a HTML/CSS document has long gone. Good web design is done one element at a time and always begins with the content. Without the content you won't know how to design the layout.

Many small businesses are quite happy to use shopify, squarespace, wordpress or (shudde) as site builder like wix. There is lots of money to be made buidling site using off the shelf products. The clever ones will build themes, plugins and extensions for resale. A passive income is a much easier way to make a living. Only problem is you need to know PHP/JS to do this.

Anyway, a good place to learn how to do things is here: