Graphic Design student work ideas.....HELP!


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I have just finished my first year at Coventry University studying Graphic Design and was looking for some related work over the summer with a view to funding some new software for next year.

I have rung and emailed around the local counties and many people have asked me to send a pdf of my portfolio and a resume which I did, however nothing has really materialised from doing so.

I'm not sure what to do next, I can drive and travel and am an enthusiatic, creative person. Does anyone have any ideas or anything open?


Hi Harriet,

I've just finished my 2nd year!!

How did your first year go? You had the fortune of Mr Perry! Such a top guy he is.

If you want to I could give you a few pointers, I'd be more than happy to do so. I've just started my own company, with support from the Institute of Applied Entrepreneurship, so have been where you are.

Its hard to get the ball rolling but will be well worth it in the end

first year was brilliant thank you! Phil is an excellent teacher, me and two of my friends bought him a rabbit to say thanks for this year! haha.

thats brilliant setting up a company, what is it specifically that you are going to do? I would love some pointers and to hear more about what you have done, I would be interested in doing something similar!

thanks for your quick reply!
haha you bought him Mathilde!! how fab!

Are you on facebook? I'm on Phil's friends list and if you drop me a message I'll fill you in on how I got to where I am and how you can get started.

I have some great contacts at university who may be able to help you