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I have been trailing forums, Businesses, agency sites and still can't find anyone out there who can hit the nail on the head.

Im looking for a (professional) graphic designer to assist in design of a logo for a newly registered limited company, the company is opening a shop front so it must be perfect.
as a business we also have clients that seek graphic design (were an IT Consultancy company) so if the project bears well Ill be happy to refer work.

Message me with quotes or for further details


Follow up post - Graphic design project - Logo & Branding

Where does a company head for create these days everything is so original! the company is going to specialise in Commercial IT Support and consultancy, Networking, General support & repair, and cloud computing, I thought of using a cloud... too original ???

The companies name is ITech Computer Solutions Ltd.
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Hello James, I don't know if you remember me, it's Carl from GraphiCarlDesign.
We spoke on the phone several months ago about this, I think it was in March as a rough guess. You seemed very happy with everything we discussed regarding my thoughts on your current logo, what I think needs to be done to improve it, what elements I would keep and discard etc. You also seemed happy with the quote I gave you. As soon as I sent you a contract to sign, everything went quiet and I did not hear back from you. I then sent you a couple of e-mails regarding the contract asking if there was anything in there you did not understand or had any concerns about. Still no reply. Until one day I saw you obviously had given the job to someone else (which is fine, but would of been nice to let me know), as you posted up a new logo on the forums for feedback as you weren't too happy with it. I then sent you a final message, to which you replied you did not receive the contract, so I checked your e-mail address with you and sent it again, to the same correct email. And I guess as they say the rest was history, as I had no response. I was really keen to work on your logo, as after we spoke on the phone, I instantly came up with a few ideas at the time. I'm not sure what caused the breakdown in communication, I assume you may have chosen a cheaper designer.

I would be happy to discuss things with you again and have a innovative, original logo designed, that you are 100% happy with, I expect no less from my clients but complete satisfaction with the work I deliver. Either way, I hope you get a professional logo that you can be pleased with.
Hi Carl

I do remember, Thank-you for following up.
In all honesty the project went completely on the back burner so to speak, I have no further progress.

I have found your quote on my email, Please see my reply