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I am currently studying my Alevels and thinking about going on too study graphic design as a course at university, i would like to know your thoughts on Graphic Design as a profession and also wheter you think it would be a right choice to make or not?
It's very competitive and if you're thinking of doing a degree to get a good grade they are a LOT of work. I see so many people go into this kind of thing because they think it will be an easy ride at uni - it's really, really not. What other choices are you considering? How serious are you about graphic design, have you put a lot of thought and effort into it already or is it just something you think you might like?
I imagine most of us here would have positive things to say about design as a profession but right choice or not very much depends on you. I suppose the questions I'd throw back are a) do you have a flair for it?, and b) do you enjoy doing it?
I feel so lucky to be in the profession i'm in and really enjoy work practically everyday, grated there are times when it's not so great but I don't think I could do any other job.

I personally never went to Uni - I started my career as an apprentice (with a very good mentor and worked my way up from there), Between learning on the job, getting into a pickle and having to find a way out, reading alot of books/magazines and regularly visiting tutorial and blogging websites I have managed to make a living out of something that I was passionate about. Therefore Dave is completely right, you need to have a flair and passion to start with - then choose the right path for you to get there, and the point i'm trying to make in this post is that the obvious isn't necessarily the only way. If I ever have the chance (or they build a campus in the North East) this is definitely the course I'd invest my time and money in. Graphic Design courses: Shillington College Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane Australia

Good luck in whatever you decide to do,
Thankyou for all the advice. I am currently choosing between marketing and advertisment and 3D Graphic Design to study and university but having a tough time making my decision. I love drawing and love seeing my final product go through all the stages of work from design to practical is a great love of mine.