Graphic Design in multimedia?


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Hi all, I am in my final year of Interactive media design and due to submit my final year project proposal soon. Outside of college I am very interested in Graphic design (Photoshop, illustrator, digital art etc) and was thinking that it might be interesting to combine the two for the project. I have a couple of small ideas myself but would like to throw it out to the world to see if anybody has any ideas or interesting angles on this.
We covered a lot of Interface design theory and Graphical interface theory, also usability theory and marketing. Also we covered a lot on web development, (but this was more systems and programming based). As I said my big interest is in Graphic design and would love to propose a project that’s more design based as opposed to development, so hoping against hope someone might have an interesting suggestion :icon_biggrin:

Appreciate any feedback.

Well if you know about interface layout etc, but if you are creating a website and the user clicks button (ie buy it now button) then these buttons are all designed in photoshop or illustrator.

other way is maybe think of a keosk to do something (like a museum) this can then be designed in flash, html or in director and you could design the layout and all the buttons and the interface, then using you graphic design skills create the look of the outside of the keosk box.

just an idea.