Graphic Design Daily hours poll

How Many CHARGEABLE graphic design hours do you get in a SINGLE DAY?

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  • 3 hours per day

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  • 5 hours per day

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  • 5+ hours per day

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It has been mentioned before that a lot of designers charge around £20-30 per hour on graphic design BUT they aren't working to their full capacity. Although it would be perfect to work 8 hours a day at £30 an hour, from the other poll about average design charges that wasn't the case.

How many CHARGEABLE graphic design hours do you get in a SINGLE DAY?



Tough one - variable. I do something every day but haven't ever worked it out as an average - might be a good target setting exercise though (I remember I originally set things up so that I needed to be billing c. 1.5-2 days per week for a basic, acceptable standard of living [which I guess I must be achieving] but haven't revisited it in any detail).
I agree- it's totally a tough call. I know I work like 8-10 hour days, but if I really think about it, the actual chargeable time I'm spending on projects is way way less than that- I spend a lot of time running the business and looking for new work. Plus I've actually started trying to create a few new passive forms of income, so the time spent on billable work is going down right at this moment.
I think a good exercise for any designer...
I noticed this with our company that our designers spend a lot of time on work but the chargeable time doesn't match. It does make sense of course because you cant charge a customer for every minute spent and sometimes the price needs to be favourable from the customers perspective to even get the work in...
Just worked out an average of around 10.7 hours a week since the beginning of this financial year which isn't so bad I guess whilst it is still very much a part-time business. Would be nice to be able to double that though.