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Hi everybody! Just recently I decided to earn my BA in Graphic Design and so I would like to ask you, if anybody knows about any suitable Graphic Design course.

Of course there are plenty of them out there - my problem is I've got a job and I don't want to give it up (need money :icon_rolleyes:).

So is there anybody, who can give me any advice regarding distance learning (or anything like this) BA Graphic Design course - in the UK?

Thanks a lot to all!

I don't really know of any, the Open University does a Computing & Design course although to be honest I don't think this will be of any use to you at all.

Have you contacted your local college/university as I am sure there must be evening courses available to you.

Alternatively, you may just have to make a decision to do a full time course if you really want to get into Graphic Design.

However, there are a lot of freelance graphic designers who have no qualifications, at the end of the day if you have a flair for design and can use professional graphic design software such as...

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe InDesign
Corel Draw

...then there is no reason why you couldn't go freelance one day, obviously a course of some sorts would be the best route for you but if you don't want to give up your day job then your options are limited.

Good luck with whatever you choose to do. :icon_smile:
I agree with Damon.

If you have the flair and talent and can put together a portfolio then you can easily go freelance.

Qualifications only really matter if you want to work for a design agency or similar, but at the same time its your design ability that will get you a job, not the grade of your degree.
Hi guys

Hi guys,

thanks for reply.

I talked to local (West Yorkshire) unis and did some research on the internet, but without success, so I thought somebody can give me good advice.

I work as graphic designer and I am more than 4 years in the industry, so I've got the practical skills. I am just thinking about learning more about the design theory and broad my horizons :icon_rolleyes:
Its good you are thinking that way :)

But, to be honest, I did a Graphic Design HND and then 3 years studying my animation degree.

I learned more working in the real world in a year than on both my courses which covered 6 years.
that's right

Yes, I agree - the real world experience is very important and I am completely happy with my career and all stuff around - I just feel I'm missing something - and I think it can be the deeper knowledge of theory (the fact is I read books about the design / colour / typo etc. theory, but...) - and get a degree in the same time :eek:)
Hi, i'm in a similar position as yourself and i've found a course which is very specific to our job and you can either go full time for three months or part time for a year. I'm going travelling for a couple of months in Dec and thinking I might do it when I return in Feb/March, when i've been doing my research I think the doors it'll open will far outweigh the sacrifice I will make in leaving work for a few months.... i've posted a link if you're interested :icon_smile:

Graphic Design courses: Shillington College London, Manchester, England UK