Graphic Design books


the "los logos" series of books is very useful for branding/logo design inspiration.

I'd also recommend "neubauwelt" which is a really handy book for vector resources. it comes with a CD that has all the vector files contained in the book. There's loads of useful stuff in there from everyday objects such as screwdrivers / spanners,etc to more unusual things.


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Web design books

I like 'THE WEB DESIGNER'S IDEA BOOK' and the 'web design index 7'. I just like the way the example websites are ordered. Even if you don't like some of the sites, just to see them organised and in context can be really inspiring.


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I can definitely recommend Jim Krause's books. I've got a few of them and they've paid off already. Learnt so much from them it's unbelieveble.

I also have, Tres Logos. It's good for inspiration and ideas but it doesn't teach you anything. It's visually sexy tho.

Minuteman Press

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I am now going to unashamedly bump up this thread, on this wonderful forum (if Boss Hogg wasn't from the deep South, I'd recommend him for a knighthood!). Latest recommendations?

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The Logo Lounge series is very good for logo inspiration.

That's the best issue. :icon_wink: :icon_wink:

I'd suggest 'Pricing and Ethical Guidelines'

The Graphic Artists' Guild Handbook of Pricing and Ethical Guidelines (Graphic Artists Guild Handbook: Pricing & Ethical Guidelines): Graphic Artists Guild: Books

US-bias but still very good.



1000 Type Treatments by Wilson Harvey/Loewy, pub by Rockport

Amazing array of lovely posters, leaflets, bcards etc. Never leaves my side!



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If anyone's interested this eBook is an interesting read: :icon_wink:

With 100,000 copies sold, Graphic Design Cookbook is one of the most useful all-purpose resources for designers and anyone who wants to create a dynamic layout for magazines, newsletters, books, posters, and other media. Now released with a fresh new cover, its more than a thousand line drawings illustrate effective design devices, type treatments, spatial solutions, and pictorial presentations, allowing examination and comparison of various options in no time.

The Graphic Design Cookbook can be opened to virtually any page for instant access to great ideas. As a catalyst for cooking up endless new design recipes, this classic goes on inspiring one generation of designers to the next.

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