Graphic Design abroad

Ben Ja Min

Hey folks.

This is probably a real long shot but I was wondering if anybody on here would be able to provide advice about trying to apply for jobs abroad? (Canada more specifically) Been wanting to get out there for so long to join my sister and her family and a close friend of mine. Just keep getting stuck at every turn and securing a job out there seems my best option.

So basically if anyone can help with ANYTHING even if it does not apply to Canada it would be absolutely marvelous.

Thank you guys and girls
Thanks boss! Never been to those sites before so i will have a butchers! The problem is that there is sooooooooo much information on the internet and so many contradicting sites that it makes things hard. I plan on phoning the Canadian embassy for advice but this thread is still very much open for anybodys 2 pennys worth!

Much thanks
That's what I was going to say, phone the embassy as they will point you in the right direction, how did your sister go about moving over there, can't she help?