Graduates - Expand your portfolio free, part 2

I recently posted but the moderator closed the post before I could respond to his lengthy reply.

Let me respond and once again, offer this to people who may wish to take us up on it - it shouldn't be censored by the limits of his/her opinion. Firstly the original post:

Hi All!

I work for a company called CarbonCube Design who offer travel card holders for promoting business/products.

We are looking to bolster our social media and have started a campaign of 'showcasing young designers'. It is early days but has really helped our numbers and are looking to get more designers on board.

Here's the deal:

You choose a organisation (we'd like it if you helped out someone else too, maybe a charity, group or good cause, but anyone you fancy) based on a brief you give yourself. E.G. 'LoveActivists' help the homeless across the UK by taking over unused buildings - Brief - to create a design to demo their cause, ethos, struggle and positivity in an aesthetic and meaningful way.

Send us the design (we'll provide a template and instructions) and delivery address.

We'll send you a handful (5-10) holders with your design printed. You can keep some for your portfolio, and hand some to the organisation. We'll post on Facebook your design and mention you and the organisation.

No catch, no cost.

If you're keen please email me at {contact the OP directly via a PM for this wonderful opportunity -hankscorpio, moderator}




So maybe I wasn't clear. If the designer wants to make a design of their own branding, their own face, their own whatever, they can do. We are just interested in showing that our printing can handle a creative and detailed design, we don't care about the content. This therefore stops the argument that we are in some way exploiting young talent.

The moderator mentioned lots of printers will print things for free for you. This might be the case in paper printing but is certainly not the case in plastics. We would normally charge £30 for this service.

The cynical comment that we profit from this is unfounded as we will not profit. Feel free to design something for a cause who would not buy from us (LoveActivists being a great example - they are homeless and have no money!) or as I say, your self! I suggested an organisation as it would fit better to 'real life' (as the moderator says) where working in a design company you'd be asked to create something based on a brief.

I tried to be open about what we get from it - facebook coverage. We could just pay facebook £50 per week or we can do something different.

Basically it comes down to choice. If a designer wants to, they can contact us. That is however if the moderator doesn't delete this for going again his/her personal opinion.

Love as always,

Hi James, thanks for the explanation, I'll discuss this with the other mods. It may be that you just need to be a little clearer in your description of what you're offering/asking for.