Government Tender - £140k web design


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My name is Scott and I run Tender Training

I assist companies win Public Sector tenders.

There isn't many web design tenders around but I have TWO LIVE tender opportunites which would be great for any web design companies portfolio.

1. Government organisation wants a brand new website (front end and back end system) with 6 years support

It's worth a min £140,000.00

2. Government org requires a content management system for internal and external websites plus ongoing support.

It's worth £80 - 160,000.00

If you are interested in bidding for one of these contracts then please get in touch with me ASAP. I have 4 places remaining on my BidAssist service for £399.99 i will bid this entire tender with you and also show you where to look for these tenders in the future. This price for BidAssist goes back to £1299.99 after this.

Get in touch even if you feel this is too big for your company right now. It is an awesome excercise for you to experience the Public Sector procurement process for future tenders.

If you are interested in any type of tender e.g. media, DVD production, deisgn etc drop me an email and I will see whats out there

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