Good typography tutorials/projects/resources


Hi all again :)

Just wondering if anyone can link to any good typography tutorials/projects/resources and/or recommend any good books? Type is often one of my greatest challenges at the moment (for example, selecting the most appropriate for a logo and tweaking, etc), and I be grateful of any tips/advice on howto improve.

Many thanks
I don't have any resources to mention, but with regards to selecting appropriate typefaces for logos, it's more about having a gut-feeling. If the brand is friendly, you would obviously want a typeface that implies this (it may, for example, be a rounded, 'soft-edged' face). You'll only really know which typeface is appropriate through experience, and knowing as much about the faces in your font collection as you can.

It may be worth going through your fonts, and removing any that you either A. have never used, or B. hate the look of (obviously, be sure to keep system fonts). Then build up a new font collection slowly. Places like Font Squirrel are great for finding decent quality faces that are free for commercial use. You may even wish to invest in a face or two from a type foundry. They're not too expensive really, especially when you consider you can use the family for the rest of your career. This way you'll have a small but decent collection of fonts that you are familiar with, and a smaller collection means you're not spoilt for choice.
I'm a big fan of Steve Bonner and he has a few tutorials on Computer Arts. In fact there are tonnes of tutorials on Computer Arts.
Another inspiration is Allison Carmichael Alison Carmichael.
You might like Marian Bantjes to - a hybrid between type and illustration.

Good books, anything by Ellen Lupton is good for type theory and getting a strong educational background. She has many books and knows her stuff.

If you are interested in history, Meggs history of graphic design is brilliant!
As Paul says get to know the typefaces you have. Many logos are quite simple and use fairly standard fonts. Don't be tempted to muck about with them too much - they have been designed and many have stood the (long) test of time. I have written a modest piece on choosing the right font and what it says about you/your business. What does my typeface say about me and my business
Hi guys only just seen this thread again. Thanks for the recommendations/tips, I'll have a look at them and take them on board!
Kate thanks too, like I said type is my main area of concern as sometimes I feel 'simple' isn't enough (even though it clearly is most times) and I feel a bit under pressure to do something 'special' with it (which usually gets me into more mess lol). I'll bear you comment in mind.