Good monitor or bad monitor?


My husband (who must be rather bored) has committed the heinous crime of changing my monitor. He claims that the new one is better quality as it's new and HDMI. But I'm not convinced. There is a noticeable difference and drop in quality.

Old monitor: Samsung 2233SN
New Monitor: Benq GL2250-T

I have not got a clue when it comes to hardware, but I do have a set of eyes in my head. The Samsung wasn't great but admittedly I was used to it, but the Benq looks pixelated (think jpeg artifact) my screen looks like its an overblown .png screen shot. There does not appear to be the sensitivity in the lighter colours and gradients are not rendering well. I have calibrated it, 1080p but to be honest I could mess about with the colours all day, but obviously it doesn't change the quality of clarity.

Is my husband wrong? Am I just used to an old decrepit Samsung? I need a hardware guy who understands this subject better than I.

Someone please advise before this turns into the 'Sunday argument'?