Good fonts for business surveys


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Hi there,
I'm setting up a survey on my website and trying to figure out the best font(s) to use. I have access to, so have a pretty wide selection of fonts to choose from. Does anyone have any good suggestions for fonts or combinations to use on a business survey?

I have no clue on fonts so any help would be great.

I design surveys quite regularly and find something like Verdana works quite well in most situations because it's legible and easy to read, and seems to fit with a lot of different brands. Without knowing more about your survey and business I can't really offer you specific advice, but generally I'd stick to something that's simple, more than likely a san serif as these tend to just look better on screen for short paragraphs.

Use two different fonts at the most, though I tend to only use one and make use of the different weights. Try a few combinations in your survey, post them up on here and I'll give you suggestions :)