Good Eye for Logos? Need critique.

I quite like the heart element in 2, but i think it needs to be brought out more and emphasized.

4 is cool, but the butterflies need to look more like butterflies i think.
I like the shape from the second with the colours/effects from the fourth however I prefer the font from the 3rd! :icon_blushing:

I like the last one it's got a Greco-Roman feel to it.

As specified in the title, I like the last one.
Hi. I have feeback for all 4.

1) Not keen on the graphic. Difficult to tell if it's meant to be something or not. Also the font used in "Womens Health Care" doesn't look particularly evenly spaced - kerning and tracking need to be looked at, and the apostrophe is missing. All in all this one isn't working for me.

2) As number 1), but the graphic is a lot better.

3) The colours are good, and very reminiscent of healthcare. The graphic is nice, and the fonts work well. This looks the most professional. The upper case and lower case typography works well.

4) The colours are good, the graphic is good, but I'm not keen on the typography over 3 lines. I don't like the way health care is spread out and WOMEN'S is really large.

All in all no 3 fits the brief best, the graphic in 4 would also work with the typography in 3.

Hope that helps.
Number on of the second bunch is the nicest - I really don't think the script faces are working, they're just too fussy. I quite like the green from the other ones too. I'd take number one and have a play with the relationship between the type and the logo - maybe range it left and try altering the relative sizes?