Good blog sites to create live news feed on website?


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I'm studying web/graphic design at college and have started to learn Dreamweaver and a bit of html and css but am yet to learn how to make CMS. I'm doing a site for a friend and he wants to have a news section on the site that he can update. I dont have time to learn how to use Joomla or wordpress as he needs it quick but was wondering if I could instead create a div and have a live feed from a blogging site in it instead. I did this myself on my own site using Twitter which is ok but I'd like him to be able to include more text/characters than Twiter allow and also photos alongside the text if possible. I just wondered if anyone could reccomend god blogging site that would do this? If possible I want to avoid using any of the blogging site's branding/logos on his web page as it would look more professional.
I believe that Blogger has some site feed options. Take a look at that. Not definite on my part though but I'm sure I remember seeing it somewhere.