Going to uni and need a laptop.


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I'm a PC user and I've never been a fan of using laptops because of the small keyboards, but since I'm going to uni starting this September I thought it would be good to have a personal system where I can install anything I like (i.e. Custom fonts, design programs, etc) since the uni computers won't let you install anything.

I'll be primarily be using this for extensive graphic design work and need it to run Adobe Photoshop CS6 smoothly, but I might do some light video editing and motion graphics so Premiere Pro CS6 and After Effects CS6 as well.

I'll also be using for obvious things like web browsing, watching movies (1080p HD) and listening to music.

Any recommendations on a laptop? My budget is around £500 but I'm willing to go a bit higher if needed.
I always recommend a Macbook as they are the industry standard for everything design/video/music related and chances are that's you'll be working on at uni. Obviously your budget is going to dictate what you get, but I'm sure you can pick up a decent used Macbook for that sort of budget.

The Adobe Suite does work on a PC, but if given the option I'd always suggest a Mac.