glamour retouching with digital makeup!!


I did this before with another makeup and now doing with another makeup. Which one is best?

This one or previous one ( ???

Sean Lee-Amies

To be honest the only difference I can see between this one and your previous attempt is that you have made the colouring around the eyes even more vibrant with, what I believe, is a worse choice of colours. Are you intentionally aiming for the drag queen effect?


I think the before image must have been taken by a semi-pro/pro anyway and the make-up seems fine. Maybe just adjust the first photo with minor changes. A little under the eyes. Some slight skin smoothing and certainly a little brighter. Maybe the teeth a little whiter. But other than that, I kind of agree with floriographic in the previous post that women prefer to look natural and don't like to feel pressured to look a certain way.

You've got great skills, but as with everyone who has a skill - sometimes the skill is in reigning back a little with the skill in the first place and having control on what is applied (if that makes sense) Less is more sometimes :)