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I'm currently working with a client who has some slightly strange requirements.

They want some gift vouchers printing for their ceramic arts shop but they'd like them in a perfect bound book format with perforations so they can be torn out as required with a stub left to write voucher details on (think cheque book).

...(this is where it gets complicated)...

.. As of yet we're unsure if they're wanting individual books of values (eg: 1 book of £5's one of £10's etc..) or if they wants blank vouchers which they can then fill in as and when one is sold. Either way the vouchers will be single sided full colour.

I can't imagine numbers will be very high on this so maybe a digital job but what I'd like is some idea of minimum order, best size for these from a print point of view (the current voucher is A6 without a tear off but we dont need to stick to that size), card stock and of course cost for both the blank books and for books of individual values.

Does that make sense?

I would suggest that they are done digitally. In the past we have done some for a client that were 210x99mm with a perf and then stapled left-hand edge. You can then make your stub and voucher any size you like. Actually when I look back at the order we did 1000 books of 25 stapled together - full colour on 200gsm silk - so it wasn't done digitally! (We charged £1000 including design)

You could have them padded (and then stapled and taped to hide the staples - and you can add covers if you want then) You do not need to get them perfect bound!

You need to find a printer with both digital and perforating. Possibly someone with a small format press with perfing online who would be willing to run digital through the press.

I would love to be able to help but we only have digital here now and would have to go out for the perforating and I think you should be able to find someone locally.
Hi Dave

We specialise in printing gift vouchers. Have a look at the home page on Salon Printers - Specialist Salon gift voucher printers and you'll see a short video which explains what we do and shows the options. The gift voucher page on The Paper Studio - Florist Cards and Envelopes will give you some more designs and the prices of the various options like holographic foil, numbering, chequebook format, printed covers. As an example, our standard price for 250 vouchers in full colour and printed with a single value in gold or silver foil is £69. For small customers we can split the 250 into different values for an extra £8 per value. For our salon customers we offer a blank space option where they can complete the details of what the voucher is valid for. Hope this helps. Give us a ring on 01934 644451 and we can talk you through it. Grant
Hi Dave

This all makes perfect sense. In fact it's what we do. Katedesign is correct - Digital printing would suit and you wouldn't need them perfect bound.

Our minimum order is 200 vouchers (8 books). The size is 70mm x 195mm with a 40mm perforated stub (similar to a personal cheque book), and includes all security features as standard - hologram, invisible UV security ink, heat reactive panel and numbering (sequential or random). We generally print different denominations but some clients prefer to leave a blank area that they can fill in themselves. Take a look at our gift voucher printing website for more details and examples of previous vouchers we have produced. We can also produce matching presentation cards. If you wanted to register, we'd send you a price list along with a sample voucher book.