Getting into Graphics Design at 19?


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Hey guys. Sorry if this has already been asked etc but I'm in need of help.

I'm 19 (going on 20 this year)
Sorry guys. My bad.

Anyway...I'm 19 going on 20 this year and was wondering how I could get into Graphics Design courses at this age? It seems colleges nearby don't allow 19+ to apply for the course and the Open University seems the only other way to go.

I'm just curious to see if anyone has been in the same position and if there are any other alternatives?

Uni courses are all about UCAS points earned through AS, A levels, BTEC's etc.. (basically any formal study post GCSE). If you left school without going on to further education (ie; college), you wont have the required UCAS points to qualify for entry on to a degree level course. If this is the case, you would need to apply for either a BTEC diploma or similar and complete that before being able to move onto a degree course. However, if you have been in education since GCSE and have the UCAS points, then there's no reason why you cant get onto a degree course as millions of students take a gap year between A levels and degree. It's more likely that the courses you're applying for are over subscribed and so the colleges are looking to take those with recent, relevant educational experience (ie; qualifications in art and/or design).

Try arranging a meeting with the head of department at your first choice college/uni to discuss your options and how best to go about getting onto your chosen course. take a portfolio of art/design if you have one.
I did a course at college when I was 19. Courses will still accept you (they'll accept any age), but 19 is the point at which you're classed as a mature student, and so you'll have to pay your tuition fees yourself. I paid about £150 a year I think, but that was a few years back now.

As Dave said, it's best to speak to someone at the college you intend to attend. They should be more than willing to help you.