Getting in a right TIFF


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Hi, just need some advice on placing TIFFs into Illustrator, and the results when printed.

I'm inexperienced with TIFFs and therefore a bit confused as to whether I'm doing the right thing. I'm making a book cover which contains scanned 600dpi artwork, which I've adjusted to Greyscale and placed into Illustrator (I'm more comfortable with this than Indesign) which I'll then export as a pdf for print.

If I wanted to change the colour of my image to another, is it as simple as adjusting it in the colour pallette in Illustrator? And will this be retained in the exported pdf? When I alter the colour, say to C-100 only, the colour seems to change perfectly, however eyedropping an area in the image shows a mix of colours.

Also, when exported as a pdf I'm expecting a whopping file size ( the original scan is about 30mb) but it's only 10mb. There's probably good reason but it just seems odd to me.

Almost the weekend folks. Hang in there.

I don't think you'll be able to change the colour of the image in the pallet unless you take the image back into photoshop and select the Bitmap mode.
Thanks Toppers. Perhaps I'm confused between BMP and TIFF. I really don't know much about these files, but I seem to be able to colour my artwork in Illustrator when I follow these steps:

Convert the art to a bitmap (in photoshop)
Place the art in Illustrator
Embed the image
Change its colour as I please with the colour palette.

I just don't know if this is a no-no or not. For instance, am I losing data? Will the exported pdf file contain all the necessary colour info?

BMP is just the mode of the file in the same way you can have an RGB or CMYK file type.

Once you have set your mode to bitmap it will then embed this format into the Tiff.

If hope that this clears things up.
To change the colour of the Bitmapped Tiff you will have to use to white arrow tool on the image in question.
Thank you. I'm slowly getting my dazed head around it all. Glad to have discovered that this colouring technique is possible and to know it's going to work. I do alot of scanned lino/woodblock and can see that it'll be very useful.